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We provide a simple yet unique online marcomms facility to help Medical Technology Companies. This involves auditing the existing web and social media presence, evaluating current online marketing, and devising and executing an online strategy that will appropriately communicate the messages you need to get across. Then the objective becomes increasing conversions, reporting, improving and repeating.

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internet marcomms

Internet marcomms: Some companies just “get it”

October 8, 2015 Think of Doctors you know and ask yourself whether you can really see them Tweeting, checking their Facebook page or using Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Google+ or any of the array of so-called Social Media Vehicles. You just can't, can you? These people are far too serious, far too clever, far...
Wordpress REST API

WordPress REST API

September 11, 2015 What is the Wordpress REST API? The Wordpress REST API is coming… OK it means REpresentational State Transfer Application Program Interface. That will probably mean absolutely nothing to you. Fortunately, I can explain it in a relatively straight forward way. What it basically means is that all the content of...
Scoliosis Info Launch

Scoliosis Info – Launched

November 7, 2013 Now the website has been launched we are pleased to say that it has gained early traction in Google and is already showing a steady flow of traffic. We aim to keep the site update with the latest technological advances and in so doing keep the site fresh with new...

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What we're not is your average generic internet consultancy who'll charge a fortune for developing, hosting and maintaining your presence with little expertise in your industry. What we are is a company with the combined experience of medical industry communications, coupled with mastery of the internet. We're on your side and we speak your language.

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