HWMM About

Hill Woods Medical Media (HWMM) exists to help Medical Device companies to present information to Healthcare Professionals and drive engagement.

HWMM offers a unique blend of skill and experience which combine to deliver an effective Internet Marketing Communications package. Here’s how:

  • We speak the language of Healthcare Professionals and understand the characteristics and demands of the Medical Environment.
  • We write good copy: We understand the needs of Medical Technology Companies, whether small or large.
  • We understand the regulatory environment and the care we must take to ensure messages are created and delivered with accuracy, integrity and balance.
  • We understand the power and reach of the Internet.
  • We can build, maintain and host medical device websites, advising on and helping to generate content.
  • We can prompt, drive and create newsflow to keep our client’s offering looking fresh and dynamic.

Ask us how we can help you to stand out from the crowd and make internet marcomms the powerful and inexpensive lead-generation and relationship tool you need it to be.