Andy Hill


Andy Hill completed his business degree in 1988 and after a year in Market Research he switched to IT using skills that had been fermenting since the ZX80 (Remember Clive Sinclair!). Demand for IT skills were huge at the time and his natural ability, speed of learning new technologies and great communication skills meant he was ideally situated to exploit that situation, and has continued to do so ever since… even a stint at Microsoft didn’t put him off!

Andy says; “Meeting Nick back in the late 90s was great for me. I could see the impact the Internet was going to have on companies and marketing in general when most people still thought the internet was an ‘electronic business card or catalogue’. Nick immediately saw the potential and with his talent for marketing and understanding of medical products we quickly formed a powerful team that had a significant impact on the businesses that Nick was involved with at the time. Now we are bringing that knowledge and significantly more experience to other companies that want to achieve that same success.”