Case Study

Tissuemed is a specialist Medical Device company whose product occupies a very specific niche in the performance of certain surgical procedures.

When we initially engaged with Tissuemed, the company’s website was not mobile responsive; they did not appear on Google for searches for related terms such as ‘surgical sealant’, their Social Media activity was negligible and the website was very rarely updated.

Perhaps unsurprisingly for a company with a highly specialised offering, Tissuemed didn’t have clearly defined objectives for its online activities beyond the usual need to have a website to keep the world informed about its products. As with many smaller companies in the medical device field, time and resources are dedicated to research and development on the one hand, and sales and marketing on the other.

HWMM took a deliberately “blank sheet of paper” approach, looking at the bigger picture and, as part of this, audited the website and helped define some objectives, distilling these down to broadening product awareness and generating qualified leads, opening the door for conversion into sales.

Specific website objectives included gaining more traffic related to searches for surgical sealant and other related searches (increasing traffic to the website), whilst also converting site visitors into potential clients by leading them to request information about their local distributor (providing pre-qualified leads).

To be able to execute the first objective the website had to be rebuilt with a more attractive look and made mobile responsive, making it user-friendly to new and existing site visitors, on all platforms, desktop and mobile. This rebuild also took care of issues that are not visible to site visitors but are technical background issues that are crucial to making the site more attractive to Google searches and functionally more attractive to users.

12 months on from the site rebuild the project has been a resounding success. Website traffic has been substantially improved (exact figures will not be disclosed), conversions from visitor to enquirer now provide a continuous flow of pre-qualified potential sales opportunities. Blogging and social media activity, combined with the technical updates to the website, produce top (page 1) results for Google searches and the website gives any visitor the impression of a prominent, successful and highly active company in the field.

Customer Testimonial:

“Tissuemed was undergoing a sales and marketing overhaul and needed a partner to deal with matters online. Whilst there are many companies out there doing this sort of thing, none are equipped to deal with the extremely specific and complex, technically and regulatory-wise, medical device industry. HWMM has that unique combination of a med dev industry and internet veteran that gave us peace of mind when it came to outsourcing our website and online marketing.”

David Mandley, CEO, Tissuemed Ltd

The success of the initial one year project has lead to Tissuemed extending into a second year where HWMM will continue to manage the online assets of the company and execute more specific strategies to improve conversions and offer other services, such as online ordering.