How we work

With over 15 years experience of building, maintaining and hosting, HWMM can turn your website and social media into powerful marketing tools, delivering high search engine rankings and qualified leads.

Clients typically use us as an adjunct to support their sales and marketing activities.¬†Our bespoke service is just that… designed for the client. From copywriting to website development, to running the Twitter feed, we’re here to help.

We’ve developed a process that delivers online AUTHORITY for our clients. While this is individualised, it typically works like this:


Is your website optimally structured with appropriate content and links. Same for your social media activities, if any


We’ll present you with a proposal containing recommended activities for you to share and agree with your internal stakeholders. It will have a timetable to ensure we deliver according to your expectations


Everything (optionally) from redesigning or tweaking your website to a full blown social media campaign


Establish key parameters, from website traffic to Twitter followers


Generate content, write copy, monitor social media, report the results


Is it working? Loop back to the top of this list

So how do we do this?

We can design, support and maintain your DIGITAL FOOTPRINT in a way that is appropriate for your audience.

If you have a story to tell, you can’t ignore Social Media. Medtech companies that actively use Social Media look alive and aspirational. Once we understand your business we can develop the look and feel of your Social Media presence and help you drive and write regular content. We can help you to engage with your audience in a way that optimises your online presence, develops authority and enhancing your marcomms impact.

We’ll look, listen, analyse and resolve everything to do with your online presence. Managing and monitoring activities will keep your online content current and correct. And because we speak the language of medtech, if you provide the basic content we can prepare news/press releases and website content so all you need to do is approve it.