Social Media

Companies often talk to us about “Social Media” as though it’s a mysterious, foreign world that lies somewhere between being disdained and needed.

Our view is that, being as all the world’s biggest medtech companies have a social media presence, you should have one too. The simple reason you should have a presence is that it enhances your commercial prospects by offering another outlet through which to communicate with the world, and ultimately generate potential sales leads.

An active social media presence drives site visits and increases the interest in your website, all of which forms part of the company’s DIGITAL FOOTPRINT, helping to develop that favoured “AUTHORITY” status, which drives better search results, which maintains the virtuous circle of a website that delivers.

So, can you manage your own Social Media?

Well, yes, with a little experience and coaching, of course you can. How well you can do it is another question, do you want to do it? And do you have time to do it? These are also important questions… Of course, the ideal scenario is to have someone managing for you, full-time, that knows exactly how to do it and also show you how effective it’s being.

For that reason alone, get in touch and let’s talk:

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