Google focuses even more on mobile first

At the end of last year Google announced that it was re-focusing its index on the mobile version of websites. This is a perfectly obvious move because they know on what type of device most searches are being made, and they are mobile devices. A fact that is also backed by Statcounter where desktop usage of the web is down to 43%, the rest being mobile and tablet. Combine those two facts with the fact that Google has over 92% of the search market and you must conclude that you need to make sure your site works well on mobile.

You can test your site here with the PageSpeed tool, yes it’s ANOTHER Google tool, but remember over 92% of search is done there, so we have no real choice! If you aren’t scoring green and using SSL you’re going to start to fall behind your competitors, assuming they are doing this. If they aren’t, you’re missing out on a great opportunity!

If all this gives you a headache, let us do it for you. Just get in touch and we’ll let you know where you stand and what you need to do.

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