Google uses complex algorithms that reputedly assess websites on over 200 criteria, all with the goal of providing search results that list the websites with the best content to satisfy the person doing the search.

So-called Search-Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a way of trying to ‘short-cut’ the system to achieving good rankings. Fundamentally it’s not an end-user oriented methodology to gaining page 1 results, and as such is not usually a sustainable position because search engines are in the business of delivering good, not artificial results. And everyone is trying to use the same shortcuts so competition becomes intense. In a nutshell, we don’t “DO” SEO.

Search engines look for credible, relevant, easy to read and up to date information to answer search questions, because that’s what the user wants. They also want it quickly and on any platform, be it phone, tablet or desktop. Google look for sites that they can assign ‘authority’, basically a site they can trust with the subject material, which is why Wikipedia often appears on page 1 of your online searches.

At HWMM we DO specialise in helping medical technology companies to deliver information through websites and social media, in combination. Our goal is to deliver online AUTHORITY for your website by creating a DIGITAL FOOTPRINT that ticks the boxes for both user and search engine alike. This means infrastructure, like page speed performance, security, navigability, links, responsiveness to different screen sizes, coupled with regularly updated and refreshed content and appropriately employed social media connectivity. All of this delivers a digital footprint that is characterised by well structured, well written, up to date, relevant information.

We’ve delivered multiple page 1 search engine results for clients and would be happy to discuss how we can help you too.

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