Verify my website

OK, it’s great that you’re happy with the way your website is performing. Just out of interest, these are some of the criteria we use to ensure that a website is doing as much as it can.

  1. Check to see if Google is happy with it using their PageSpeed Rank tool.
  2. It obviously needs to be mobile friendly, check and submit to Google here.
  3. Make sure it’s using HTTP/2 with this tool.
  4. Ideally it will be using a Secure connection, check for the padlock in your address bar.
  5. The News section should be up-to-date and regulary used.
  6. Company Linkedin and Twitter accounts need to be current.

If these initial six elements are all giving satisfactory results, you’re doing the basics well. Google’s PageSpeeed Rank should give you all green results as they are used for ranking in search results, the site should obviously be mobile friendly, adapt to various screen sizes without the site becoming unusable, pretty critical these days with the usage of iPads and iPhones and tablets and smartphones in general.

After the basics are covered we then move on to look at more qualititive aspects of the site, for example:

  1. Does the site have up to date and regular news items?
  2. Is it easy to get to product information pages?
  3. Are there share buttons available?
  4. Does the site rank well for product / service related searches?
  5. Are the social media accounts up to date, at least Twitter and Linkedin?
  6. Is the site performing well against target metrics?

If you are still completely happy with that your company website is achieving all you would like it to achieve then great job! If you’re thinking that maybe it wouldn’t hurt to get a second opinion from someone very familiar with these issues and the medtech industry in general, then just put your e-mail address and company website into the form below, and we’ll take a good look and let you know where you could probably get some more value out of that website.

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